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    watching a new tv show after hearing about it on tumblr and then getting addicted to it


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    I’m done

    I will forever reblog this!!!!

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    "you’re just on tumblr for attention"

    no shit what else would u use this website for

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  • "be proud that you are trying to do better and change for the greater good. and pray for those who are committed to misunderstanding you."
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    First time experiencing the rain.

    This gets me every time

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  • get to know me meme: seven actors ♦ dylan o’brien

    ↳ “My intern experience was literally shooting this movie, doing all the crazy stuff that we did. So basically like strip clubs and Quidditch, that’s what I think an internship consists of.”

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  • Marauders Appreciation Week [4/7] - One Ship

    Lily likes pretending she still hates the Potter boy, but it’s getting more difficult by the day. 

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    following back tons

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  • "

    Eat food from farmers markets.
    Drink good tea each morning.
    Read books that make you feel.
    Paint, even if you’re awful.
    Write, even when you have nothing to say.
    Sit in the fresh air outside.
    Go on hikes.
    Swim in lakes and wade in streams.
    Sleep as long as you need.
    Work hard at what you love.
    Work hard at what you hate.

    Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

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